At some point, kids become adamant when taking a bath, and as a parent, it is up to you to lure them into bathing while ensuring they are having fun. You can begin by making bath time fun. Bath activities are also ideal for anyone looking to spruce up the time they spend with kids.

Below are some activities that will keep the kids exploring more during bath time:

  1. Mixing Watercolors


In an attempt to make showering bath for kids, the last thing you need is dealing with stained tiles. Therefore, ensure you get a watercolor box. The box comes with a paintbrush. It takes less than a minute to pull together. Allow your kid to paint the tiles using the watercolors. This will not only give kids a more enjoyable time when bathing but will also help them learn color identification faster. Plus, it will hone their creativity.

  1. Playing with Bath Bombs


Bath bombs are an ideal way to make bath time fun and calm for kids. They are sold in the market, but you can make some for your child to save money.

To make a bath bomb, you will need a spray bottle, water, mixing bowl, olive oil, citric acid, baking soda, silicone baking mold, and cornstarch. You may add flavoring if need be.

Mix the cornstarch, baking soda, and citric acid. Add the mixture to your flavoring and olive oil. Use your spray bottle to spritz the mix. Once the mixture is ready, pack it in the silicone mold.

Let the mixture dry for a few hours. Once completely dry, remove the mixture from the mold and store it in a sealed container.

Drop a bath bomb into the bathtub during bathing time, and let your kids enjoy.

  1. Fishing for Letters

Let your child fish for letters in the bathtub. Get some magnetic ABC letters. You can demonstrate to them how to fish either using a magnet or a fishing pole.

To make the activity more exciting, you may blend the letters with your bathtub theme. For example, if you have an ocean theme, consider adding some shells. It will not only make bath time fun but will also teach kids what is magnetic and what isn’t.

  1. Creating a Sky-themed Bath


You can create this bath by dying the water blue. It is easier to use food coloring since it doesn’t stain. Add some clouds or rain scented bath to enhance the child`s senses. Consider cutting some shapes out of the form.

Under this theme, the child can engage in activities such as making shapes out of foam or even creating rain.

With the activities above, bath time will become a favorite time for your kids. The only thing that will push them out of the tub is the water getting cold during the activities.

Bath time can be both fun and exciting for your child. Feel free to choose any of the above activities that suit your kid best.