We take every possible procedure to ensure that your kids can have a fun bath time while also staying safe. It is too common for people to think that as long as something has foam in it, it’s safe for children. However, that’s not always the case. Bean People USA goes one step further to ensure that our products live up to a specific set of rules ranging from design to usage.

At Bean People USA, we never want to leave your child’s safety up to chance. We constantly ensure that our products have no safety hazards for you or your children. Our toys and products are made with food-grade ingredients, complying with the USA’s toy safety standards. When products are made with food-grade ingredients, it means that they’re safe for human consumption and can come in contact with food. Kids tend to put their toys in their mouths as they play, and can also easily ingest the bathwater that’s colored by the Bean. Given our safety precautions, be rest assured that your kids will remain safe when playing with their Beans. Our high safety standards and quality products are the reasons we’ve been able to successfully sell our Beans for over 30 years.