If you ask parents, bath time fuss is one challenge that they hate dealing with. Kids detest bathing for many strange reasons; some can even make you lose your cool and just spank them. However, you do not have to continue dealing with bath time tantrums. The simplest of things can trick kids; you just have to be smarter than them. Below are some few tricks that will make your child run to the tub when it is time for a bath.

  • Keep Water Away from the Face and Eyes

One reason that will make your kid run in the opposite direction at the mention of a bath is the imagination of soap finding its way to the eyes. Come up with some tricks that will prevent soap and water from getting into the eyes. For instance, put some stickers on the ceiling or at the top of the wall and have the kid look at them as you clean his or her face. This will give you ample time to rinse off the soap before they even notice. You can also use a bath visor so that no water gets to their faces and eyes.

  • Make it a Siblings Affair

Take advantage of his or her older siblings’ bath time to show her that it is not a bad idea to bathe. You can even let them enter the tub together. As your kid watches the older ones play with bubbles or toys, he or she will be fascinated and will want to join in the fun.

  • Secure the Bathroom

Another thing that will make kids hate bathing is slipping in the bathroom or tub. You can assure your kid that he or she is safe by holding him or her firm to make them steady. Invest in a non-skid mat to minimize the slips and the falls. The mat will give the kid the much-needed assurance that a bathroom is a safe place.

  • Make Bath Time Fun

Turn the bath time to play time by buying some bath toys and bath bombs. If you allow your kid to play with a toy as he or she bathes, he or she will be calm the entire time. The bath bombs will add some color to the water, which will attract your kid to the bathtub.


When you observe that your kid hates bathing, it is important to understand the reason behind his or her fears. If the kid is small and cannot communicate her anxieties well, observe the body language. For instance; if he or she refuses to sit down during the bath, he or she probably fears the temperature of the water. When you understand the fear, you can easily turn it around with some simple tricks.