Sea Creatures Bath Beans


These sea creature bath beans offer unique animals such as dolphins, whales, fish and octopus. Like that of the African animal bath beans, they come in different sizes, whether jumbo or small. The animals create a fun experience for the kids while taking a bath. New animals getting discovered means new fun to be had. Creating games with these fun bath bombs can become a thing once your child gets used to them. Once you’ve put them in the bath with them a few times, you can get more and start mixing and matching them. Teaching them the names of the animals and whether or not they’re land animals or not. You can play guessing games with them and quiz them on the things that you’ve talked to them about. The sky’s the limit for children and as a parent; you want them to know that. So teaching with these fun bath toys is a way to start that.

They can learn how to say which animal is which and what that animal does and things of that nature with the help of these. These are inexpensive, which makes it that much worthwhile because you’re getting quality for an affordable price. After you buy them and put them in the bath, all the parent has to do is sit back and enjoy your child’s fun as you get them clean. There is absolutely no hassle with these bath beans. Typically baths can be troublesome when trying  to give them to younger kids. They tend to not like the water or just be afraid of the concept that haven’t fully grasped yet. But this makes it very easy-going and enjoyable to deal with. The kids will start to look forward to taking baths with their slippery slimy sea swimming friends. It can also bring a nostalgia because you might have flashbacks to when you were a kid and your parents were giving you baths.

Maybe the same way that you’re doing it to your child presently. This is fun for everyone and it is a learning experience for both the parent and child. These may even make you feel a little jealous because they weren’t around when you were younger haha. Your child might react the same way that you did when being given a bath so that in it may be enjoyable to see. Highly recommended product because there’s fun for everyone.

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Sea Creatures Bath Beans swim out in your bath to become a dolphin, fish, whale, and octopus.

What’s the difference between Magical Beans and Bath Beans?

Bath Beans are a much bigger and a more detailed version of the Magical Beans. The sponge used is also thicker, creating a more durable bath toy. The Bath Beans comply with European CE toy standards whilst Magical Beans do not, owing to their smaller size.

Magical Beans are smaller and more suited to children who are beyond the stage of putting everything in their mouths! This was the product range that started The Bean People, and has been marketed in South Africa for over 25 years! Unfortunately they do not meet the EU CE requirements and so are not available for commercial sale in Europe. Each Packet contains 4 Beans, and each bean has 1 sponge character. Altogether there are 7 varieties. Each character has been carefully designed, so that when it pops out in the bath, children are delighted by the magical result.

All our products are suitable for children 3 years of age and older. Please do not consider these products for children younger than 3 years.

good for all and feels like your under the sea


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