One of the reasons why kids detest taking a bath is because they view it as an activity that deprives them of their playtime. Most kids will not easily agree to leave what they are doing to go and take a bath. However, bath time does not have to be boring; you can add some tweaks to this activity to make it more enjoyable for your kids.  If you are a parent who sees bathing as a hard chore to crack, here are some tips for you.

  • Let the Child Bring a Doll

As you bathe your baby, allow her to carry her doll to the bathtub. Give her some mild soap and a washcloth and let her clean the doll as well. You can even show her the parts she is missing when scrubbing her doll. As you do that, ensure you explain to her the importance of being clean and smelling nice. Allowing her more time to play with her doll will ensure that she thoroughly enjoys her bath time.

  • Invest in Some Bath Toys

Another brilliant way to make bathing time for your kids is to buy them some bath toys. Kids love to experiment, so they will enjoy seeing things float and sink in the water. Get him a toy boat and let him watch as it floats on the water. Tell him to put his washcloth on top and watch it sink into the water. Such little things will leave him very fascinated and calm as you bathe him.

  • Add Some Color to the Water

Kids love colorful things; thus, they cannot resist a colorful bathtub. Make the water colorful with some bath bombs. Your kid will enjoy watching them as they explode and fizzle out and fill the tub with color right before his or her eyes. You can also buy some bathtub crayons and allow them to draw on the walls as they bathe.

You, however, need to be careful as you buy bath bombs. Ensure that your child is not allergic to any of the ingredients used in making the bath bomb.

  • Allow Your Child to Blow Some Bubbles

Kids love bubbles. Take advantage of this and allow them to blow bubbles in the tub. Since it is in the tub, you will not have to worry about the bubbles spilling to the floor. The fascination will make the child calm and add some fun as you bathe him or her.


As discussed above, the idea of making bath time fun is to make it look like an extension of their playtime. When a child knows that you allow her to play in the water, she will always look forward to the next bath time. Of course, this will give you an easy time as you clean your child.