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It’s Magical!

 Our magic food-grade gelatin capsules release two sponge toys from each capsule when dropped into warm water. See the joy on your children’s faces as these adorable characters magically appear to spice up their bath!

Each pack contains two jumbo capsules, and each capsule releases two sponge characters.

Our dynamic 8 themes include Dinosaurs, Fairy Folk, Journey, Bugs, Wild Animals, African Animals, Fairy Tales & Sea Creatures. 


Triple Treats!

Bath Sprudel is a bath bomb for kids with a surprise sponge toy inside. They come in an awesome hexagonal individual package!

Bath Sprudels make bath time a great time! After dropping the Sprudel in warm water, it fizzes, slowly releasing a lovely fragrance (using food-grade ingredients) into the air as it changes the color of your bath water. Hidden inside is a cute sponge Bean character.

Not to worry! They won’t stain your bath (or your children!)


Go pro, go big, go 6-pack!

Bath Sprudels are bath bombs for kids with a surprise sponge toy inside.

Sprudel Six Packs contain 6 different colored Sprudels, each containing a mystery sponge character.

Good for 6 individual baths, if used one at a time.

You can even teach your kid about different animals and colors by mixing two primary colored Beans into your bath.

The possibilities are endless!

  • Non-toxic, no essential oils, no fragrance, made with food-grade ingredients – safe for kids to ingest their bath water when playing with their Beans 
  • Hand made in South Africa since 1988 – up to this date, NOT a single allergic reaction, NO STAINS or any other complaints have been reported
  • Sponge toy inside – will not hurt your child like plastic toys can



Tired of arguing to get your kids in the bath? Our Beans turn any bath time into a great time!