Bath Sprudels 6 Units, The Bean People

Bath Sprudels make bath time a whole lot more fun for you and your kids!

Our Sprudles are such an awesome way to turn bath time into an exciting activity. As you put the Sprudel in the water, it fizzes and colors your bath water while releasing a sweet scent. Hidden inside the Sprudel is one of our iconic sponge Bean animals.

Playing with Bean People is one of the best ways to turn bath time into playtime. Also, you can even teach your kid about different animals and colors by mixing two primary colored Beans into your bath. The possibilities are endless!

Finally, not to worry! These won’t stain your bath (or your children!)

Sprudel Six Packs contains 6 different colored Sprudels, each with a mystery sponge character. Good for 6 individual baths, if used one at a time.