African Animal Bath Beans


African Animal Bath Beans

Our African Bath Bean toys are a great way to turn a child’s bath into a fun safari. One of the most exciting things about these bath toys is the kids learning about new animals as the beans grow into the animals that are provided within each pack. This particular pack is of African animals. Such as lions, monkeys, crocodiles, hippopotamus’ and elephants. These bath bombs make giving your child a bath, much easier because it gives them something to look forward to. It makes it fun and playful which is everything that a child loves and looks for. The kicker is, all you have to do is put them in warm water and watch them unfold into the bath water. The packs come in twos. Those packs can be two bigger sized animals or two or more smaller animals. It’s a bit of a mystery depending on what you happen to pick up. That’s another exciting thing about these toys.

No longer will you as a parent have to feel frustrated with telling your kid that it’s time for a bath because they’ll have their own excitement and want to do so themselves. They might even start approaching you about when it will be bath time for them. It can even turn into a game that you play with your kids daily. There are 8 different regular packs that you can choose from that offer different animals, characters, themes and things of that nature. So whatever your children are into, it’s covered. There maybe even things that you want to introduce your children to that they may not know about yet, these toys are a perfect way to introduce them to a whole new world that they didn’t know about, before. Last but certainly not least, the pricing.

These are just under $3 dollars which makes it affordable for everyone and it makes it that much worthwhile. You can make yourself and kids happy, with just under $3 dollars. That’s right, under $3 dollars.  Purchasing this product is making it easier on yourself and your children are what it’s all about, ultimately when you’re a parent. Learning, having fun and staying clean all in one package for a very affordable price, what more can you ask for? Definitely would recommend this product because it’s good for everyone and takes the hassle out of giving your children a bath.

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African Animal Bath Beans stampede out in your bath to become a monkey, crocodile, hippopotamus, and elephant.

What’s the difference between Magical Beans and Bath Beans?

Bath Beans are a much bigger and a more detailed version of the Magical Beans. The sponge used is also thicker, creating a more durable bath toy. The Bath Beans comply with European CE toy standards whilst Magical Beans do not, owing to their smaller size.

Magical Beans are smaller and more suited to children who are beyond the stage of putting everything in their mouths! This was the product range that started The Bean People, and has been marketed in South Africa for over 25 years! Unfortunately they do not meet the EU CE requirements and so are not available for commercial sale in Europe. Each Packet contains 4 Beans, and each bean has 1 sponge character. Altogether there are 7 varieties. Each character has been carefully designed, so that when it pops out in the bath, children are delighted by the magical result.

All our products are suitable for children 3 years of age and older. Please do not consider these products for children younger than 3 years.

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