Wild Animals Bath Beans


Wild Animals Bath Beans stride out in your bath to become a lion, giraffe, rhino and buffalo.

Bath Beans provide Magical bath time entertainment for children, (and the young at heart!) Simply place them in warm water, and watch as they unfold into sponge toy characters. Each pack contains two jumbo capsules, and each capsule contains one big or two or more slightly smaller sponge characters. See the delight on children’s faces as the cute characters magically appear! There are 8 regular theme packets as illustrated below. All Bath Beans are compliant with CE toy regulations.

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What’s the difference between Magical Beans and Bath Beans?

Bath Bean are a much bigger and a more detailed version of the Magical Bean. The sponge used is also thicker, creating a more durable bath toy. The Bath Beans comply with European CE toy standards whilst Magical Bean do not, owing to their smaller size.

Magical Bean are smaller and more suited to children who are beyond the stage of putting everything in their mouths! This was the product range that started The Bean People, and has been marketed in South Africa for over 25 years! Unfortunately they do not meet the EU CE requirements and so are not available for commercial sale in Europe. Each Packet contains 4 Beans, and each bean has 1 sponge character. Altogether there are 7 varieties. Each character has been carefully designed, so that when it pops out in the bath, children are delighted by the magical result.

Wild Animals Bath Bean stride out in your bath to become a lion, giraffe, rhino and buffalo. it can use by girls and Boys

All our products are suitable for children 3 years of age and older. Please do not consider these products for children younger than 3 years.


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